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There are two arrivals halls in terminal 2. If you are picking up passengers check whether they arrive in 2A or 2B.

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Grocery, pharmacy and more under the same roof

All the shops, cafés and other services that are located before the security check are available for you.

During your visit at the airport, you can have lunch, shop for groceries, enjoy a cup of coffee or spot airplanes from our scenic terrace.  

The grocery store Alepa is open 24/7, also on Holidays.



How to find the airport

When you arrive at the airport to wait for passenger, or to visit the airport for another reason, drive along the parking lane on the left.

If you are picking up passengers: When you are driving to the airport to pick up passengers, follow the P-signs. Park your vehicle in the Pikaparkki area marked in green in front of T1 or T2. It is a parking area meant for short term parking. You can also park in the parking garage.

If you are dropping off passengers: When you accompany passengers, you can drive to the front of the terminal and stop for a while to let the passengers out. You must continue immediately after that. If you are going to exit your vehicle, please use the Pikaparkki area (marked in green) or the car park.