From where does my flight leave and when do I have to be at the airport?

Please check before arriving at the airport which terminal your carrier uses. Here you can also find information on when you should be at the airport.

Please follow the check-in time provided by your carrier or travel organiser. Especially during the busiest times, it is good to plan ahead and come to Helsinki Airport in good time before your departure. You may encounter congestion at Helsinki Airport if your flight departs

  • In the morning between 6 am and 8.30 am
  • In the afternoon between 2 pm and 5.30 pm
  • In the beginning of summer, Christmas and Easter holidays or during school autumn and winter breaks

Not all flights are announced

Keep an eye out on the details of your flight and departure gate from the terminal monitors, online service or our mobile application. Helsinki Airport is a silent airport, which means that not all flights are announced.

Two terminals

Both terminals at Helsinki Airport are open 24/7. Terminals T1 and T2 are connected by a corridor and they are parts of the same building. The distance between the terminals is approx. 300 metres.

The gate area after the security control is shared by both terminals and passengers can move around the area freely.

Domestic flights as well as flights to European Schengen countries are operated from gates 11–31. Long-haul and European non-Schengen flights are operated from gates 31–38 that you can reach after passport control.

Helsinki Airport map

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