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Terminal services


While waiting

While waiting for your transfer flight the well-equipped shops, cafés and restaurants provide you with excellent possibilities for recreation, relaxation and shopping.

A free Wi-Fi with unlimited use is offered for all passengers. The connection is fast and easy to use.

If you need a quiet space to use your computer, read important documents or make phone calls in privacy, locate your nearest Suvanto area or an airline lounge.

You may also pop in the Art Gallery or Book Swap. The access is free of charge.

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How to transfer

All arrivals and departures are located in the same building. Distances are short and gates are along the same walkway.

Please check the gate number and departure time from flight information screens and then go to the departure gate of your onward flight.

On the way to your departure gate you will go through security and passport controls. Citizens of EU, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Japan and South Korea holding biometric passports can use the fast and convenient automatic border control machines. Skip lines and try it out!

How to use passport machines

All passengers transferring from non-EU (European Union) countries, except those from the United States, have to go through the security control.

To ensure a smooth security control, please pack all liquids and sharp items into your baggage going into the hold. You may carry through security  control only few liquids in containers smaller than 100 ml.

How to pack   See our video about security checks

If your flights are not booked in a single reservation under one ticket number, please allow enough time for the transfer. Collect your luggage from the baggage claim hall and then go through check-in and security control. Keep up with your airline's check-in schedule.

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Shopping at Helsinki Airport

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