AOS - situational awareness system

What is AOS?​

​Finavia AOS - Airport Operational Status is a shared information and communications channel to the entire airport community. With the help of AOS application the community members can access real-time situational information on different airport operations anywhere and anytime – either from desktop or via mobile.

​Finavia AOS is a system that has 4000 users and a mobile app. It is crucial for situational awareness - also during Covid-19 crisis, when airport is serving airlines and passengers throughout the day in constantly changing environment.

AOS has several features that enhance operational activities benefiting the entire airport community. It provides transparency to customer experience and airline operations. It enhances preparedness. AOS is an important communications channel, by involving the community to information sharing and updating.

AOS is a ready-made solution now available for similar organisations

The system developed by Finavia can also be utilized by other operators. It is a potential system to those who want a ready-made tool for operational efficiency and quality, within own organization as well as its community. The features of AOS system has been developed extensively to handle, follow and share different operations, processes and KPIs.

The benefits of AOS

  • Transparency: a single view to what is going on at the airport, be it customer experience, ops processes or important events.
  • Preparedness: smoothing out problems in advance. Fact based preparedness to adverse conditions, systematic handling of incidents.
  • Communication: operative and tactical information sharing and updating.
  • Community: involving the whole airport community to get and to share information.
  • Mobility: airport on the go, access to relevant situational information on the move.

More information on AOS:

Vice President, Passenger Management Timo Järvelä

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