Checklist for passengers

We know there’s a lot to remember when you are leaving on a trip. That’s why we made you a list of important things to do, before getting on your flight.

Passport and travel documents

Make sure your passport, visa and travel insurance are valid. If you are travelling outside the Schengen area, you will be asked to present your passport when leaving and entering the country. Please also see Customs' instructions on bringing goods and items into Finland.


Please pack your luggage correctly: electronics and liquid containers of max. 100 milliliters should be packed in hand-luggage, and bigger items and special luggage such as skis and hiking equipment will travel as cargo in the plane. Read more about packing.


Check-in to your flight at home if it’s possible. Your airline will send you your flight ticket into your email and mobile. You can also check-in at the airport. Read more about check-in.


We recommend booking parking in advance, if you are travelling from Helsinki Airport. Parking is easy and close to the terminal. You can also arrive to the airport by bus, train, or taxi. You can be dropped off by car at the main entrance on the departures level. Read more about transportation.

Money Exchange

If you are travelling from Helsinki Airport, you can exchange money in the Arrivals hall, Departures hall or at the gate area. There are many ATMs and stores for changing currency. Read more about money exchange.

Arriving early

Please reserve enough time for things like security control and check-in. The peak hours at the airport are in the mornings between 6 and 9 a.m., and in the afternoons between 3 and 6 p.m. Please follow the instructions given to you by your airline on how early you should arrive.