Transferring at Helsinki Airport

Transferring at Helsinki Airport is easy and the transfer times are among the shortest in Europe. The whole airport is under one roof so you can walk from one gate to the next. The gate area is divided into two areas, one for Schengen flights and one for flight that arrive and depart to Non-Schengen countries. There is a lot of services, restaurants, shops and cafés in both areas. In this page, you find information about transferring at Helsinki Airport as well as the airport map.

Helsinki Airport is the easy choice

The airport provides unhurried, friendly atmosphere with less crowding, queuing and stress. While waiting for your transfer flight the well-equipped shops, cafés and restaurants and other services, provide you with excellent possibilities for recreation and relaxation.

The airport is recognized for its excellent customer care, efficiency and punctuality. Passengers have chosen Helsinki Airport several times among the best airports in Europe. The staff will do their best to make your stay memorable.

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How to transfer at Helsinki Airport

  1. When arriving at the terminal, please check the gate number and departure time of your next flight from flight information screens and then go directly to the departure gate of your onward flight. Domestic flights as well as flights to European Schengen countries are operated from gates 5–34. Long-haul and European non-Schengen flights are operated from gates 34–55.
  2. If you are travelling to or from Asia, America, Middle East, Russia or Great-Britain, you will go through passport control. Citizens holding biometric passports can use the fast and convenient automatic border control.
  3. Helsinki Airport follows European Union's (EU) security regulations. Therefore, passengers arriving from non-Schengen countries (excluding EU countries not part of the Schengen area, as well as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Singapore) proceed to their connecting flights through security control. Please see security control rules, especially for cosmetics, foods and alcohol.

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If your flights are not booked in a single reservation under one ticket number, please allow enough time for the transfer. Collect your luggage from the baggage claim hall and then go through check-in and security control. Keep up with your airline's check-in schedule.

Guidelines on customs inspections for passengers continuing their journey on domestic flights

If you have a connecting flight in Finland, declare any items requiring customs inspection at the Customs office opposite to gate 29.

If you are coming to Finland from a non-EU country via another EU country, there is a phone service for customs declarations near gates 16 and 21.

If you are travelling from Norway or Iceland, you can make the customs declaration with the phones located on the passenger bridges.

Read more about customs guidelines on the Finnish Customs website.

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