Travelling with pets

Airlines have their own requirements for travelling with pets. Read our tips for travelling with a pet.

Can I take my pet on a flight with me?

Airlines have their own requirements for travelling with animals. We recommend booking your pet’s journey well in advance. The regulations may also affect whether the animal should travel in the cargo hold or in the cabin. Some airlines only accept pets travelling in the cabin

Will my pet travel in the cargo hold or in the cabin?

Small pets may usually travel in the passenger cabin. Large pets are carried in their own travel containers in a heated section of the cargo hold. Some airlines refuse to carry animals. Birds, snakes, lizards and insects are only transported by air freight.

What kind of a transport bag should I carry my pet in?

The pet should travel in a pre-determined transport bag or box, the size of which depends on the size of the animal. Most airlines provide detailed instructions on pet bags and boxes on their websites.

Does my pet need a passport?

A pet passport is obligatory for all cats, dogs and ferrets when they are transported between EU countries. Pet passports can be purchased from veterinarians. A health certificate issued by a veterinarian is also required for dogs and cats coming from the EU if the animal is brought for sale or handed over to a new owner.

What are the quarantine and vaccination regulations for my pet?

The import of animals into Finland involves restrictions and inspections. More information is available from the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira and Finnish Customs. You should find out in advance what kind of quarantine and vaccination regulations apply to your country of destination. For information on legislation and pet regulations, please contact the embassy or the veterinary authority of your country of destination.

A dog or cat arriving in Finland must have been vaccinated against rabies, and if the pet comes from a country with a high risk of rabies, the result of the antibody test is also required, i.e. an approved blood sample for rabies antibodies from an EU-approved laboratory. In addition, dogs must be medicated for echinococcosis before arriving in Finland.

What should I do at Customs when I return to Finland?

When you arrive in Finland with your pet, you must choose the red line at customs. Please make sure that you have your pet's documents with you at that point and be prepared to present them to customs. Customs: Travelling with a pet.