Parking at Vaasa Airport

There are two car parks at Vaasa Airport. P1 is intended for short term parking and P2 for long term parking. On area P2 you will also find the possibility for car heating.

Payment methods

You will get a parking receipt by pushing the button at the barrier gate when you arrive at the car park. Remember to take the receipt with you when you leave your car. Parking is paid upon exit at the ticket machines located inside the terminal. The payment can by cash and the most commonly used credit cards (Visa, Eurocard, OK and MasterCard).

Parking of 25 minutes or less is free of charge on area P2. You can drive through the parking area without charge if you exit within 20 minutes and your parking coupon has not been stamped in a payment machine.

Pay for parking via mobile in August 2020

Starting in August, parking at Vaasa Airport will be paid for via mobile apps Parkman, Easypark, and Moovy. When using the apps for the first time, users must sign up.

How to pay for parking via mobile

  • Download and sign up to the mobile app of your choice
  • Start the parking time in the mobile app when parked
  • Select the time you wish parking to end
  • When parking time ends, pay for parking directly in the mobile app
  • Please see further instructions for Parkman, Easypark, and Moovy apps

Please note

You can also make an annual parking contract for Finavia's parking areas. For more information, please contact Finavia's information desk.

Please do not allow your mobile phone to come into contact with your parking ticket, since it may damage the magnetic strip on the ticket.

Parking fees do not include a possible heated parking space charge.

A parking fee will be charged for all vehicles parked in the parking area. If you arrive by motorhome or other vehicle that needs more space, please contact in advance Info 020 708 6130.

Prices include value-added tax.

Parking at the airport car parks is at your own risk.

Heated parking spaces

The heated parking spaces are available on from November to March. Leave your car at a heated parking space and bring the heating cable to the information desk. Tell the date and time of your arrival to the personnel at the information desk. They will plug your car into the heating system approximately three hours before your arrival.

The heating service fee (15€) is paid in advance at the information desk. Please have the money in cash with you.

If there is nobody at our service location, please take a preliminary information form from the desk. Fill it out and put the plug, form and €15 in a plastic bag. Seal the bag and drop it into the cabinet in front of the desk. The payment receipt is attached to the plug and you will get it when you return from your trip.

Parking spaces for the disabled

In front of the terminal, there are two spots for the disabled. The spots are for people visiting the airport, and for short-term parking. Please put your disability parking card near the windscreen so that it is easily visible.

During their trip, disabled customers may park free of charge in the parking area. Please take your disability card with you so that you can obtain an exit ticket at our information desk when you return.

Parking fees, per parking lot

Prices per hour in area P1

time price €
1h 2
2h 6
3h 8
4h 10
5h 13
6-24h 16

after 24 h choose the day fees

Prices per day in area P1

day price € day price €
1 16 16 91
2 32 17 94
3 47 18 97
4 50 19 102
5 53 20 106
6 56 21 110
7 59 22 114
8 62 23 118
9 67 24 122
10 71 25 126
11 75 26 130
12 79 27 132
13 83 28 134
14 87 29 136
15 89 30 138
12month 698€

Prices per hour in area P2

time price €
1h 2
2h 5
3h 6
4h 7
5h 8
6h 9
7h 10
8h 12
9-24h 13

After 24 h choose the day fees

Prices per day in area P2

day price € day price €
1 13 16 65
2 26 17 69
3 39 18 72
4 41 19 75
5 43 20 80
6 45 21 82
7 47 22 84
8 49 23 86
9 52 24 88
10 55 25 90
11 58 26 92
12 61 27 94
13 62 28 96
14 63 29 98
15 64 30 100
12month 698€

Airport information

We are happy to help you in all airport and parking related matters.

Driving instructions and map to Vaasa Airport