Smooth travelling

Finavia is a Finnish airport company that enables smooth international flight connections through its national airport network.

20 airports

Finavia's all 20 airports, including Helsinki Airport, are carbon neutral.


Airport of the future

The new and shiny extension of Terminal 2 opened on December 1st 2021.


Building the future of HEL

The airport will be outstanding but until it’s ready, the construction is mainly a nuisance. Arrive at the airport in good time and get to know the changes beforehand.

The sum of good things

Our work is about mastering the details that make up the whole. Smooth travelling is the sum of good things.

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Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport is the largest airport in Finland, measured by size and the number of passengers.

Come and enjoy

Find your favourite food stops and restaurants serving delicious dishes to enjoy at your terminal.


Park closest to the departure gate

Conveniently ensure a parking spot in the parking hall of your choice at Helsinki Airport. Advance reservation helps you save money!

How does Covid-19 affect travelling via Finavia airports?