Opportunities for airlines

Finland is a hidden gem far up North. Let us help you discover it. Ready for one HEL of an opportunity?

Finland as a destination

There are many reasons to fall in love with Finland. This country is home to the happiest people on the planet, and Finland is one of the most trending destinations in the world.

Finavia airports provide excellent passenger experience and guarantee smooth transfers and efficient turnarounds. Operational excellence, safety and cost efficiency are key factors in our competitiveness. All of Finavia's 20 airports are carbon neutral.

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Terms of services

Download and save a copy of Finavia general terms of airport services for air carriers and other aircraft operators including air traffic charges.

Traffic development at Finavia Airports

Collaborate with Finavia and its partner organisations.


Photo credits:

Snowshoeing: Harri Tarvainen
Helsinki: Jussi Hellsten
Koli: Jussi Helttunen