Transport to and from Kuusamo Airport

Kuusamo Airport is located right by some of the best destinations Lapland has to offer. Ruka ski & holiday resort is just a 30 minute drive away. Kuusamo is also known as the land of national parks, all of which are within reach of the airport. Enjoy a short transit from the airport and begin your journey in Lapland as soon as you arrive.

Public transport provides convenient access to the Ruka ski & holiday resort with a bus connection. There's also a long haul bus service to the Salla national park.

Car rental service points can be found by the main exit/entrance of the terminal. Several car rental companies operate at the airport.

Taxis are on call in front of the airport terminal during scheduled flight arrival times. If you wish to confirm a ride or you have special requests, you can book a taxi before arriving at the airport.

Parking at the airport is a great option for those travelling by car. There's options for heated parking spaces and charging ports for electric cars as well.