Finavia creates smooth and sustainable airport experiences

Finavia is an airport company owned by Finns. We manage and develop 20 airports around Finland. Our customers are airlines and passengers.

Through our airports, we connect Finland with the rest of the world

We build smooth international and domestic flight connections together with airlines, regions and travel operators.

We do our part to ensure that Finland is easily accessible and that our country is known as an attractive destination. Our work brings the world closer.

Finavia airports

The history of Finavia and its airports

Our value proposition is “For smooth travelling”

Satisfied customers and high-quality services are at the heart of our business. We have been receiving international recognition and awards for our work to promote customer satisfaction for more than two decades.

We know how to manage large-scale operations, demanding construction projects, passenger flows and complex logistics and data. We engage in productive cooperation with our customers and partners. All this is made possible by experts in different fields who enjoy their work and are continuously developing.

Awards given to Finavia

Customer satisfaction awards won by Helsinki Airport

Our goal is more sustainable air travel

Responsibility is the cornerstone of our operations and safety is the first priority in everything we do. We take responsibility for the environment and people.

We do our best to make Finavia a good workplace. In our climate work, we set the bar high: we aim for carbon-negative airports. We want to contribute to sustainability throughout the entire air travel value chain.

Sustainability programme

Careers at Finavia (in Finnish)

Our values guide our work

  • Safely – Safety is the basis for all our operations.
  • For customers – We exceed customers’ expectations through an excellent customer experience and a positive customer service attitude.
  • By developing – We have the determination and ability to openly develop ourselves along with our partners.
  • Responsibly – We care and are responsible for people and the environment.