When you arrive in Finland from abroad, after picking up your luggage, you pass through the customs channel to the arrivals lobby. Select the red channel if you have goods to declare. If not, pass through the green channel or the blue EU channel if you are arriving from another EU country.

You can import products such as alcohol and cigarettes for your own consumption from other EU countries without paying any duties or tax. From non-EU countries, you may import goods worth EUR 430 tax-free.

Please check the website of Finnish Customs for regulations regarding cigarettes, snus, medicine, plants, animals, foodstuffs and copyright-infringing products. For information about the export or import limitations regarding your destination country, please turn to the local customs or the embassy of your destination country.

You must declare any cash of EUR 10,000 or more to the customs authorities. The obligation to declare large amounts of cash applies both when entering and leaving the EU – and it also concerns transit passengers.

Are you transferring at Helsinki Airport and continuing with a domestic flight?

If you are carrying goods that need customs clearance, declare them at the Customs service point opposite Gate 29. If you arrive from outside the EU via another EU country, the declaration is submitted at the telephone points near Gates 16 and 21.

Passengers arriving from Norway and Iceland may declare customs clearance for hand luggage and cargo hold goods at the telephone points of the jetways.

Customs dog at work

Watch our video (in Finnish) where Finnish customs' dog Dani works at Helsinki Airport.

Thumbnail from the video with title Esittelyssä Helsinki-Vantaan sankaritullikoira Dani