How pre-booking works

Parking pre-booking instructions for P1 Premium and P2

You can book and pay for your parking in advance here. Select the parking time and area on the Helsinki Airport parking website. Follow the payment instructions. You'll receive a confirmation by email and as a text message.

Entering the parking area

When you enter a parking area, the camera recognises your license plate number at the gate.

For Moovy app users, the parking will be displayed as normal parking in the app and the booking will only be confirmed upon exit. App users can also see their booking details in the app's pre-bookings section.

Exiting the parking area

When you exit the parking area, the gate opens automatically on the basis of the license plate number.

Purchasing additional time

If your parking time is longer than the pre-booked time, you can buy additional time at the payment machine in the parking area's elevator lobby. If you are using the Moovy mobile app, you can simply exit the area and the payment will be charged retroactively to the payment card you have connected to the app.

Parking pre-booking instructions for areas P3, P4 and P5

Customers who have booked parking in advance may drive directly into the parking area. When entering the parking area, the gate will open based on your vehicle’s registration number.

When exiting the parking area, the gate will open based on your vehicle’s registration number.

In case of an overstay, you must pay for additional time. Payments can be made by credit card when exiting the parking area at the gate, or by contacting the parking information desk +358 20 708 3200.

You can book your parking up to 6 months in advance, but no later than 2 hours before your arrival. If your travel plans change, you can cancel the parking reservation up to 2 hours before the start time.

Parking terms of use