Parking without pre-booking

Driving instructions

Areas P3, P4 and P5

Get a parking ticket from the ticket machine. The gate opens and you can drive into the parking area. Parking in the area is subject to a fee.

The personal data collected in parking is described in this privacy policy (PDF).

How to pay for parking

When you return from your trip, pay your parking at the terminal or in the parking area, using the yellow machines. You can pay in cash or with a chip card. Cards without a chip are also accepted at our service outlet.

If you have reserved your parking via our online system, you can drive directly to the exit gate, since parking is already paid.

Pay parking by phone (not available)

  1. Scan the barcode from the parking coupon you received at the gate while entering.
  2. Confirm the parking fee.
  3. Choose a payment method. You can pay with a credit card, by using your online banking credentials or through MobilePay service.
  4. Confirm payment.
  5. Download your receipt or send it to your email address.
  6. You can now drive out from the parking area. The gate will be opened automatically, if the licence plate camera was able to scan your car’s licence plate successfully on arrival. If your licence plate was not successfully scanned (e.g. due to the plate being too dirty or covered with snow), insert your parking coupon into the machine at the gate.

Pay your parking by phone here.

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