At Short Term Parking you can easily park for a short term beside Arrivals Hall of Helsinki Airport. The price is 2 € / 20 minutes, 6 € / hour.

Pay for parking via Moovy mobile app, or the parking machines inside the terminal. Type your license plate number into the machine to pay.

Price and Availability

Drive-in prices

Location and access


Short Term Parking is located next to the Arrivals Hall.

Access to terminal

Dropping off passengers

Passengers departing from Helsinki Airport can be dropped off in front of the main entrance of the airport. Please note that parking is not allowed in front of the main entrance, only drop-offs. If you want to have a cup of coffee at the airport or otherwise visit the terminal, you can use P1/P2 -parking area or the short-term parking area A or B.

Picking up passengers

When picking up passengers from Helsinki Airport, you can drive to P1/P2 -parking area or short-term parking area A or B. P1/P2 -parking area is located right next to the terminal. Short-term parking areas A and B are located on the arrivals level, in front of the terminal. By parking your car next to the terminal, you can have a cup of coffee or even do your groceries while waiting for an arriving flight.

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