Helsinki-Vantaa on yksi Euroopan edullisimmista vaihtolentoasemista. Lue lisää Finaviasta ja palveluistamme lentoyhtiöille englanniksi.


Lentoasemapalveluita koskevat yleiset palveluehdot lentoliikenteen harjoittajille ja muille ilma-aluksen käyttäjille sisältäen liikennemaksut.

Why fly to Finland?

In addition to one of the world´s best travel locations, we provide excellent passenger experience, quarantee smooth transfers, and efficient turnarounds for airplanes.

Key facts

Our incentives provide a solid base for long-lasting collaboration. We offer an extensive range of open and equal incentives.




Our team of experts eager to find the right solution for you. Get in touch and let´s talk.

Awarded excellence

Helsinki Airport has been continuously selected as being among the best for over 10 years. See also our client testimonials!



Responsible flying

We take corporate responsibility issues into account both in our everyday work and in all strategic decision-making. Helsinki Airport is a carbon neutral airport.


A network of service providers provides your airline a seamless service related to en-route services, and ground handling.



We take pride in selecting the best possible partners for handling for example international removals, excess baggage, animal logistics, fair & events and commercial cargo.

Airline co-marketing for success

In addition to world class snow-how, Finavia provides award-winning marketing know-how.

Carbon neutral

All our airports will be carbon neutral in 2019.