Basic information

  • Annual passenger and landing statistics of the airport are published on Finavia's Traffic Statistics page.
  • The airport's runway is 2,500 metres long.

Awards and recognitions

  • Finavia Airport of the Year 2001


  • 1943: A military airfield is completed in Ivalo. It is destroyed two years later.
  • 1955: Aero begins regular traffic between Rovaniemi and the now rebuilt Ivalo Airport.
  • 1973: The new, 2,000 metre main runway is completed. Jet traffic begins one year later.
  • 1975: A regular, year-round route to Ivalo is opened.
  • 1981: The runway is lengthened to 2,500 metres.
  • 1994: Terminal area expansion is completed.
  • 1999: The airport building and the new air traffic control tower are completed.
  • 2016:Terminal area expansion is completed.