We bear responsibility for connecting Finns with the world

Through its airports, Finavia facilitates safe and efficient connections to the world. Fostering these connections in a responsible manner, and in a way that encourages the competitiveness of Finnish society, lies at the core of our responsibility.  

Our task as an enabler of air travel requires that we take responsibility for the impact of our operations on society and on the shared environment in which we operate. We are constantly working on developing air travel in Finland in a sustainable manner. At the same time, we ensure that our activities and operations are organised as efficiently as possible. In our responsibility work we focus on the themes that are most important to our stakeholders as well as our business operations.

Ensuring the safety of air travel comprises the foundation of Finavia’s operations, which in turn result from our solid safety culture and safety management system. We make sure that all safety aspects are considred in every decision we make.

We take responsibility for the environmental issues associated with air travel by engaging in work that sets out to minimise the impacts of airports on their surrounding areas. Through smooth operations at airports – for example, by reducing the number of aircraft taxiing and shortening air routes through effective airspace navigation – we contribute to the environmental efficiency of air traffic.

We believe that a capable and well-supported staff ensures smooth operations. We strive to be a good and attractive employer, as well as an open and reliable partner to our stakeholders. We focus on the promotion of well-being at the workplace and offer a wide range of opportunities that allow our employees to develop their competencies.

It is also important for us to engage in close dialogue with our operating partners at airports, the authorities as well as with the neighbours of our airports. We listen to our stakeholders closely and participate in the development of air travel through several air transport organisations and tourism development forums.

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Charity work

In addition to the core functions of responsibility, we also participate in charity work and support causes we consider important, such as the welfare of children from around the world.
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