About Kajaani Airport

Finavia maintains and develops the Finnish airport network. At the Nordic level, it has the highest number of direct flights to Asia. The airport has excellent traffic connections to travel destinations in the Kajaani region.

Basic information

  • Annual passenger and landing statistics of the airport are published on Finavia's Traffic Statistics page.
  • The airport's runway is 2,500 metres long.

    Finavia's Traffic Statistics

Awards and Recognitions

Finavia Airport of the Year 1994, 1999 and 2007


  • 1939: Construction of the airport begins. The runway is completed in the autumn, but the rest of the work is interrupted by the beginning of the Winter War.
  • 1952 Geological Survey of Finland begins conducting mineral exploration flights from Kajaani.
  • 1956: The airport is officially opened 22 June. Aero begins operating regularly.
  • 1957: The first airport building is completed.
  • 1993: The airport building currently in use is completed.