Parking, buses and taxis at Kuopio Airport

Kuopio Airport is located in Rissala about 14 kilometres from Kuopio city centre, 11 kilometres from Siilinjärvi and 70 kilometres from Iisalmi.

Driving instructions and contact details

Buses and taxis

Bus line 40 operates between the airport and Kuopio city center. More information on the web site of Kuopion Seudun joukkoliikenne.

For connections between Kuopio and other parts of Finland, please visit the website of VR (trains) .

Taxis are on call at the taxi stand in front of the airport during the scheduled arrival times. There is a free hotline for booking a taxi in the terminal. If you wish to confirm a ride or you have special requests, you can book a taxi before arriving at the airport. 

Airport Taxi of Savon Taxi Data (shared ride) (only in Finnish)

Taxi M. Niskanen (only in Finnish)

Car Rentals


Arriving at Kuopio Airport by car is easy and convenient. There are two parking areas; P1 for short-term and P2 for long-term parking. Both parking areas have also heated parking spaces.

Parking for the disabled is located in front of the terminal at marked spaces.

Parking fees

Parking area P1
Prices per hour
1 h2 €
2 h4 €
3 h6 €
4 h8 €
5 h10 €
6-24 h12 €
Parking area P1
Prices per day
1 d12 €
2 d24 €
3 d36 €
4 d39 €
5 d42 €
6 d45 €
7 d48 €
Additional days+ 3 €/d
15 d72 €
Additional days+ 3 €/d
1 month117 €
Parking area P2
Prices per hour
1 h2 €
2 h3 €
3 h4 €
4 h5 €
5 h6 €
6 h7 €
7 h8 €
8 h9 €
9-24 h10 €
Parking area P2
Prices per day
1 d10 €
2 d20 €
3 d30 €
4 d32 €
5 d34 €
6 d36 €
7 d38 €
additional days+2 €/d
15 d54 €
additional days+2 €/d
1 month84 €

Heated parking spaces

Kuopio Airport has a limited number of heated parking spaces in both car parks for an extra charge. Price for the heated parking space is 15 €. Heated parking is paid at the information desk upon arrival at the airport. The heated spaces cannot be reserved. The use of an internal heater is strictly prohibited when parking at a heated space.

Free short-term parking

Short-term parking for 15 minutes or under is free at both car parks at Kuopio Airport. Collect the parking receipt when entering the car park. If you exit within 15 minutes of your arrival, you don't have to validate the receipt at the ticket machines.


If you have any questions regarding parking at Kuopio Airport, please contact Finavia's information desk.


Prices and conditions for annual parking contracts are available at the Finavia information desk.

Please do not allow your mobile phone to come into contact with your parking ticket, since it may damage the magnetic strip on the ticket.

Parking at the airport is always at your own risk.