Rovaniemi Airport

A gateway to the Arctic Capital and the official airport of Santa, Rovaniemi Airport is located just 10 kilometres away from the Rovaniemi city centre and right by the most popular destinations.

Joulupukki Rovaniemen lentoasemalla

Kittilä Airport

Kittilä Airport connects travellers to some of the most popular national parks and ski & holiday resorts in Finland. Levi is just 15 kilometres from the airport and Ylläs around 35 kilometres.

In addition to Kittilä, the airport also serves the areas of Olos, Pyhä-Luosto, Kolari and Muonio, as well as Sodankylä and Enontekiö.

People walking in front of Kittilä airport.

Ivalo Airport

The northernmost Airport in Finland brings you to the very top of the world. Popular tourist destinations, such as Lake Inari and Saariselkä, are within easy reach of Ivalo Airport. There are also many other great destinations and holiday villages in Northern Lapland.

Talvinen yökuva valaistusta terminaalirakennuksesta

Kuusamo Airport

Kuusamo Airport offers excellent connections to nature attractions and resorts in Lapland. Ruka ski & holiday resort is just a 30 minute drive away and some of the most beautiful national parks in Finland are within reach.

Entrance to Kuusamo airport