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Finavia’s operations at Malmi airport end at the turn of the year

The number of Finavia airports decreases at the turn of the year with the removal of Helsinki-Malmi Airport from the network.

Helsinki-Malmi airport comes under the administration of the City of Helsinki on 1 January 2017, after which the Finavia airport network will consist of 21 airports.

The Helsinki-Malmi homepage on the online service will close on 30 December 2016.

Based on the current plan, housing construction will begin on the site of Malmi airport at the beginning of the next decade. Until the construction work begins Malmi will remain in aviation use as an unsupervised aerodrome. A contract has been made between Malmin Lentokenttäyhdistys ry and the City of Helsinki for the continuation of aviation activities until 2019.

Finavia wishes to thank all the customers and operators for their cooperation over the years.

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