Facts about Pori Airport

Finavia maintains and develops the Finnish airport network. At the Nordic level, it has the highest number of direct flights to Asia. Home to the Finnish Aviation Academy, the airport is the most important flight training centre in the country. It serves passenger traffic with a regular connection to Helsinki, as well as with numerous taxi and charter flights.

Basic Information

  • Annual passenger and landing statistics of the airport are published on Finavia's Traffic Statistics page.
  • The airport's runways are 2,350 and 800 metres long.

    Finavia's Traffic Statistics


  • 1939: Traffic on the still unfinished Pori airport begins. Runways are completed in 1941.
  • 1944: The Satakunta Air Command begins operating on Pori Airport.
  • 1945: Aero opens a regular route to Pori.
  • 1953: The Finnish Airforce begins jet traffic at Pori Airport.
  • 1960s: The airport's current terminal and flight traffic control buildings are completed.
  • 1985: The Satakunta Air Command is moved to Tampere. However, training flights at Pori Airport continue as the Finnish Aviation Academy is moved from Kuopio to Pori the same year.
  • 2001: The main runway is extended to 2,350 metres.