Parking, buses and taxis at Tampere-Pirkkala Airport

Tampere-Pirkkala Airport is located in Pirkkala about 17 kilometres from Tampere city centre.

Driving instructions and contact details

Buses and taxis

Bus line 1A operates between the airport and Tampere city center. More information is available on Tampere public transport website.

The Ryanair bus connection is operated between Tampere railway station and the airport. Timetables are available on Tokeen Liikenne's website (only in Finnish).

A Liuttu vehicle furnished with the FlyBus sign will wait for arriving passengers in front of the terminal. Passengers travelling from their hotel to the airport can book transportation from the hotel reception. The price of transportation is EUR 10 (paid to the driver in cash; general debit/credit cards are also accepted).

 You can also use the Matkahuolto's website to check bus schedules and VR's website to check train connections to and from Tampere.

Taxis are on call at the taxi stand in front of the airport in accordance with flight schedules. If you want to confirm a ride or you have special requests, you can book a taxi in advance from the companies below:

Car rentals


There are three parking areas at Tampere-Pirkkala Airport. Choose the most suitable parking option based on location or price. P1 is located in front of terminal 1 and P2 in front of terminal 2. P3 has the lowest fees and is located approximately 300 m from terminal 1.

Parking fees

Parking area P1
Prices per hour
1 h2 €
2 h4 €
3 h6 €
4 h8 €
5 h10 €
6-24 h12 €
Parking area P1
Prices per day
1 d12 €
2 d24 €
3 d36 €
4 d39 €
5 d42 €
6 d45 €
7 d48 €
Additional days+ 3 €/d
15 d72 €
Additional days+ 3 €/d
1 month117 €
Parking area P2
Prices per hour
1 h2 €
2 h3 €
3 h4 €
4 h5 €
5 h6 €
6 h7 €
7 h8 €
8 h9 €
9 h10 €
Parking area P2
Prices per day
1 d10 €
2 d20 €
3 d30 €
4 d32 €
5 d34 €
6 d36 €
7 d38 €
additional days+2 €/d
15 d54 €
additional days+2 €/d
Parking area P3
Prices per hour
1 h1 €
2 h2 €
3 h3 €
4 h4 €
5 h5 €
6 h6 €
7 h7 €
Parking area P3
Prices per day
1 d7 €
2 d10 €
3 d13 €
4 d17 €
5 d20 €
6 d24 €
7 d27 €
15 d53 €
30 d78 €

Parking prices are valid from July 1, 2014 until further notice. Parking at the airport car parks is at your own risk.

You can drive through the parking area without charge if you exit within 20 minutes and your parking coupon has not been stamped in a payment machine.

The airport also has a possibility for parking at a heated space for an extra charge (15 €). The fee for heated parking is paid in advance by the Finavia information desk at terminal 1.

You can also make an annual parking contract for Finavia's parking areas.

Disabled parking

If you have a parking card for people with disabilities, you can obtain a free exit ticket from Finavia's information desk by showing the permit.

If you have parked in P2, please call the airport information desk, tel. +358 20 708 5450, and we will bring the exit ticket to you.

Payment methods

The car park has a barrier gate system. You will get a parking receipt by pushing the button at the gate when you arrive at the car park. Remember to take the receipt with you when you leave your car.

Parking is paid upon exit at the ticket machines, which are located at the parking areas. The payment can be made by 50 cent, 1 euro and 2 euro coins as well as 5, 10 and 20 euro notes. In addition, the machines accept credit cards (Visa, Eurocard and OK).

Prices and conditions for annual parking contracts are available at the Finavia information desk.

Please do not allow your mobile phone to come into contact with your parking ticket, since it may damage the magnetic strip on the ticket.

Parking at the airport is always at your own risk.

More information

You can contact Finavia's information desk in any inquiries concerning parking.