Portti 31 (Näytä kartalla)
Uniputki GoSleep

Uniputki GoSleep
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Levähdä, rentoudu tai ota nokoset lentojen välissä yksityisyyttä tarjoavassa GoSleepin unimunassa.

GoSleep-unimuna on suomalainen keksintö, joka on suunniteltu lepoa tarvitseville matkustajille. Se mahdollistaa rentoutumiseen lentoaseman kiireen keskellä.

Uniputkessa voi levätä tai työskennellä rauhassa muiden katseilta ja hälyltä suojassa. Istuimen alla on säilytystila, jonne käsimatkatavarat voi sujauttaa lepohetken ajaksi. Alas vedettävä kupu eristää valoa ja ääntä. Uniputkesta löytyvät myös pistoke ja USB-portti.

Palvelu on maksullinen klo 21.00 -18.00 välillä. Muuna aikana palvelua voi kokeilla maksutta. Tarjolla on erilaisia pakettivaihtoehtoja pitempiä unia varten. Voit maksaa palvelun käteisellä tai luottokortilla paikalla olevalle henkilökunnalle.

GoSleepin suunnittelija ja valmistaja on suomalainen Short Rest Solutions Oy. Helsinki-Vantaa tarjoaa palvelun ensimmäisenä Euroopassa. Uniputkia voi kokeilla myös Finnair Loungessa portilla 36 ja 22.

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Portti 31 (Näytä kartalla)
Uniputki GoSleep
Bad service at the information point. Today at 12:00 am I asked if there was a place to lay down inside of terminal 2 and the lady in the hallway of the airport told me no. Was sitting almost 6 hours and having back pain. There needs to be more information about the sleeping lounge, hard to find and there is no signs. Nobody knows about it. I finally found the lounge but only had 20 minutes left. Next time I will visit.
Nicolas Bröström • 15.8.2017
They had it as a free service at the beginning and was another advantage of HEL airport, now...they changed to paid service and prices are not that low, better to go to the hotel if you want to relax for 6h and more. Was good idea at the beginning and became a bad idea now. Disappointed.
Dayana • 7.8.2017
49 euro for 6hours is very expensive. better to book the Hotel by airport.
Bond • 10.7.2017
I love these pods! I did a little research on Helsinki airport before my summer holiday last year. I came across these sleeping pods. So, I was prepared and had my own alcohol wipes, mini pillow and blanket. I had a 10 hour layover going back to Japan and the pod was perfect for a comfortable 6 plus hour sleep. I agree that the lights could have been deemed a bit and many people were talking on their cell phones in loud voices, in my opinion being rude and inconsiderate of the people that were trying to sleep or relax. If I can make one small recommendation, I feel the pods could be placed in a quieter location because it was a bit loud with arrival flights coming in often, the restrooms near by and people talking in loud voices. These pods are a lifesaver for long layovers. I booked my tickets this summer and chose Finair because of these pods because I'll have another 10+ hour layover heading back to Japan. I was also very impressed with the airport and all the places to charge ones smart phones and tablets. I told all my friends about these pods and showed them my pictures. My friends were amazed and have never seen or heard about these pods. I think all airports should offer this wonderful experience. Thank you for offering these awesome pods and I hope they stay and all other airports follow Helsinki in this brilliant idea.
Amyjojo • 18.5.2017
I absolutely LOVE these sleeping pods and I love that they're free. The pods are comfortable to sleep in and they're quite spacious. Unfortunately, despite all the signs, people (especially my fellow finns) don't understand to shut up while being near the sleeping area. Putting up a door and maybe dimming the lights wouldn't be such a bad idea. If it were a bit more quiet I'd give it a full 5 stars. Thanks for providing such a good service.
Nicole Perego • 1.4.2017
Earplugs are a must, at least in the mornings around 5-7. A very nice idea, but the location is very badly chosen between a men's room and a corridor with constant flow of people walking in and out. Wasn't sure whether the worst noise was the sound of handluggage rolling on the floor or the same comment coming from ever third bypasses mouth with a bright voice; "Oh, these are the sleeping chambers!" With something covering my ears or without so much loud noise I believe I could have taken a very nice nap. The egg is spacious, simple and dark enough for that.
RT • 30.1.2017
Loved it! Absolutely unexpected surprise that made my 4hour layover with a one year old baby very pleasant. Snugged in and napped together for a couple of hours. Since it was during the day it was free of charge! Fantastic! Thank you!
Zuzana • 27.1.2017
except for when the person in the next pod closed the lid with a bang and woke me up, had a very nice sleep. I think if you put some signs to be quiet when getting into the pod, and put some cushions so the lid is closing silently, it will be perfect.
IM • 7.12.2016
People who comment that this service should be free of charge do not understand how businesses are run.
Lt • 21.10.2016
A very good idea for business travellers who try find all possible ways to avoid pains in the back. Maybe a bit too pricy for private people.
Make my day • 23.9.2016
On erittäin ikävää, että tämäkin on tullut maksulliseksi ja vieläpä näin kalliiksi! Sama mennä hotelliin, niin saapahan nukkua yönsä muiden häiritsemättä.
Tanja Poropudas • 31.8.2016
This kind of services should be provided for free. 6€ per hour is an abuse
Max Werner • 30.8.2016
Very good idea, although in a bit noisy place. Pod has enough room to sleep on your back or on your side. Light comes through the holes of the "roof" of the pod, which I didn't like.Pod has USB for charging your phone and you can adjust bed to a seat. It is also free of charge between 6am - 10pm, but there is no pillows or blankets available at that time. It gets pretty warm in the pod so blanket is not necessary, but could use a pillow.
ville • 28.8.2016
Good idea)
Danila • 7.8.2016
Um, easily found and open 24/7. 3 hours for 18euro, also 5 hour and unlimited choices. 3euro for pillow, 3 euro for blanket. There's holes in the felt-lined plastic roll-top, and this lets in the lights from the airport. I really needed some fan noise or something. At first, you're too hot. Then your body heat starts the natural convection and you can feel the cool air coming up through the vents near the floor. Probably didn't need the blanket, but definitely the pillow. Unsure of their germ control. Unsure if really it's ever free. Felt like a sardine, but there's enough ceiling room for you to put your keep all the way up. I'm 6'4" and felt aok. Too close to the common-area bathrooms, used by workers and people who should have chosen to sleep in these pods. They definitely worked for me. YOU GOTTA SET YOUR OWN ALARM. That's kinda risky to me.
Tim K • 24.6.2016
Lounge not even open at night. What good is that?!
Shane Henrik Allen • 16.6.2016
Superb idea
Aliu Kaby Djalo • 10.6.2016
Can't find the pods.
Pffth • 19.5.2016
Exactly what business traveller who spends lots of time at airports needs.
Markku Leuanniemi • 12.5.2016
Mia Turunen • 2.5.2016
Marvik • 20.4.2016
the pods are on the other side of the airport which means I need to get through passport control which I can't because I don't have shenghen visa... am waiting for my transfer for 10 hours. I wouldn't mind not sleeping there, but its was misleading and got my expectations set wrongly... ergh! :)
Max • 19.4.2016
Its clearly much more comfortable experience than spending your night on the airport bench! Also, very affordable and friendly staff!
Joseph Sail • 15.4.2016
Terrible, nothing else to add.
Asta • 11.4.2016
Dissapointing and not worth paying for, although nice idea. Same as snoozing on the airport free bench really, the pods are places in very loud place. So "safe from noise" is false advertising. It was oblivious that customer experience was not in the focus, but just making money. The customer service person came bang the pod when exact the minutes were full.
Mimi • 9.4.2016
As said above: the area is closed, so while waiting for connecting flight (after 9 hrs flight from US), there is no chance of getting some sleep :( The owners should really reconsider their opening hours or make it somehow an automated system so that people could use it 24hrs
Chris • 19.3.2016
The front desk is very very nice and introduce me the GoSleep and allow me to try it so that I can decide if I want to use it. I pay 35 for unlimited use. It was very comfortable to sleep and I slept 10 hrs without waking up in midnight. I totally recommend this!!!!
Sang • 14.3.2016
I needed to sleep but it was closed - why advertise 24h if it is not open...
Jiri • 18.2.2016
I'm so tierd, need to sleep, but sadly the area is not open...
Monika • 13.2.2016
Here now, no one at desk and cordoned off. Clearly NOT 24h service, but you know what? I'm tired so I'm using one until someone says otherwise. Another case of false advertising that seems so common in Finland. There should be a law against it as there seems to be a law for everything else I this country!!
Mat • 1.2.2016
I had an overnight layover of 6 hours and needed a quick place to crash. This place was great; Very convenient and private. Also, the staff was polite and professional. I couldn't have asked for a better option. I highly recommend it.
Cat • 14.1.2016
Awful. We hired 5 pods for a total of 150euros. This was at a discount as they didn't have any pillows. The concept is good but the execution was really poor. Very nosy, with no chance of peace. The cleaners cleaned the floor with the huge ride on cleaner at 2.30am and then one of them had a loud conversation on the phone. Full on lights coming through the holes in the cover were right at eye level. The seat squeaked continually. I could go on, but I think that's enough to not justify my 150euros ever again!
Jodie Rowlands • 6.1.2016
Absolutely perfect! The perfect way to unwind after the flight or before the second one! Highly recommend it.
Mait Kivisaari • 22.12.2015

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