Frequently asked questions about parking

Is it possible to cancel reservations?

You can cancel your reservation without any penalty at the latest two (2) hours before the reservation period begins. If you cancel your reservation period any later than that, you will be charged the full price.

Can I reserve a particular parking space for myself? And how about disabled parking spaces?

You can park your car in any vacant parking space in the parking area of your choice. It is not possible to reserve any particular parking space or disabled parking space. It is not possible either to reserve toll-free parking spaces.

Can I reserve a charging spot for electric cars?

Parking spots for electric cars cannot be reserved in advance. There are electric charging stations in all of Helsinki Airports parking halls.

In P1 Premium, there are 100 spots, in P2 nearly 150 spots, and in P3 there are 30 and P5 a total of 70 spots. Finavia cannot guarantee a free parking spot for electric cars.

How is parking price determined?

The parking fee is based on a daily rate. You always pay for the whole day, even though you don’t use the full day. Prices for parking spots that are reserved in advance may vary from one parking area to another based on supply.

What is the maximum and minimum reservation period?

You can reserve a parking spot for a maximum of 45 days. If you want to reserve a longer period, please contact parking customer service by calling +358 (0)20 708 3200/24h. The minimum reservation period is one day.

When can I reserve a parking spot at the earliest, and at the latest?

Parking spots can be reserved at the earliest six (6) months and at the latest two (2 hours) before the start of the reservation. Not all parking spots at the airport can be reserved in advance. If there is less than 2 hours until the parking period is due to start or if there are no available spaces in that area, you can also park in the free zones without any advance reservation.

What do I do if I don’t get a confirmation of payment after paying?

You can contact the customer service for parking by calling +358 (0)20 708 3200/24h.

What do I do if on my return the parking ticket has been lost, or it doesn’t work?

If you encounter any problems, please contact the customer service for parking by calling +358 (0)20 708 3200/24h.

Are there height restrictions in the parking area?

P1 Premium and P2 parking areas have a ground clearance of 2,10m. Parking area P3 has a ground clearance of 2.1m. Area P5 has a ground clearance of 2.0m. Parking area P4 is an outdoor parking area, and so has no height restrictions. There may be obstacles above a particular parking spot, however, such as an air conditioning conduit, that are below a height of 2.1/2.0m.

Can I reserve a carwash and park with a trailer?

Unfortunately, this is not allowed.

When can I drive in to the parking area?

You can enter the parking area at the earliest sixty (60) minutes before the starting time of your reservation period, and no later than the time at which the parking period is due to end.

Can I leave the parking area before the end of the reservation period?

You can leave before the end of the reservation period. Please notice that the reservation ends, when the car is driven out of the area.

What do I do if my return flight is late and my reservation has expired?

Please contact the customer service via the parking machine phone in the parking hall, and pay the outstanding amount in cash or with a chip-enabled charge card. You can also pay the outstanding amount of the parking fee at the 24-hour parking service desk located in the terminal, arrivals level.

How do I know if I drove to the right parking area?

Be sure to check the parking area from your advance reservation. If necessary, you can get help on-site also by calling Finavia’s service number, 020 708 3200 /24h.

Who is responsible for any possible damages?

When the customer has made the parking reservation or has paid for parking and carwash services, this constitutes a contract between Finavia and the customer. Finavia’s parking facilities are guarded, but parking is always done at the customer’s own risk. In relation to parking and washing services , Finavia is responsible for any immediate damage that it causes. However, unless otherwise required by binding legislation, Finavia will not be held liable for remote or indirect damage or damages that Finavia could not reasonably have been expected to anticipate.

I came to the airport in a different car than is indicated on the reservation; must I make a separate notification of this change?

Please contact the customer service for parking by calling +358 (0)20 708 3200/24h.

What kinds of washes are available?

The carwash service and options are described on our online service: go to Finavia’s online service.Options for washing services can be found on the reservation web page together with the selection for the parking area.

How do I find the parking spaces that are intended for carwash customers?

The reservation confirmation message that you received contains instructions on where to leave your car if you have also paid for carwash services. If necessary, you can get help on-site also by calling Finavia’s service number, 020 708 3200 /24h.

Is it possible to reserve carwash services for caravans or vans? Can electric cars be parked in the parking areas also?

The carwash services are available in parking halls P3 and P5. Parking area P3 has a ground clearance of 2.1m. Area P5 has a ground clearance of 2.0m. There are no carwash services available in the outdoor parking areas.

I want to cancel my carwash reservation. Can this be done without at the same time cancelling the parking reservation?

Because the carwash services are always purchased in conjunction with parking services, the reservation is necessarily a single entity. In other words, it is not possible to cancel part of the reservation without cancelling the entire reservation. In such situations, the best thing to do is cancel the reservation (parking+carwash) and then do a new reservation for parking only.

I couldn’t find the parking spots intended for cars going to the carwash, and so I parked elsewhere. Who do I inform of where my car is parked?

When leaving your keys, please inform the parking service desk of the location of your car.

Where/How will my car be washed? Automatic, Drive-through, Hand wash?

The carwash services are provided by an external provider. The carwash uses soft brushes.

If I have paid for carwash services in addition to parking, where do I leave my car keys for the duration of the trip?

Keys are left at the 24-hour parking service desk in Arrivals hall of Terminal 2. At the desk, fill in the service envelope and coupon. One copy of the coupon is given to the customer for reclaiming the keys later.

Is it necessary to remove the antenna or roof racks before bringing the car to the carwash?

There is no need to remove the antenna or roof racks.

What do I do if my car has been damaged in connection with washing?

Please contact parking customer service immediately by calling +358 (0)20 708 3200 / 24h.