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Finavia and the Finnish Aeronautical Association go for deeper cooperation

Article published
18.02.2014 kl 11:30
At the beginning of 2014, Finavia and the Finnish Aeronautical Association founded a regularly convening cooperative body for the joint addressing of matters related to general aviator services. Deeper cooperation and dialogue between Finavia and the association are one way of strengthening the development of aviation culture in Finland.

Agreeing on the further development of the VFR-Suomi publication, especially utilised by hobby and general aviators, is one of the concrete results of the cooperation. The Finnish Aeronautical Association will be responsible for the service as of 14 February.

Finavia will still produce information to the publication related to its operations, but from the date specified above, the association will be responsible for updating and maintaining the publication. The VFR-Suomi publication includes basic information about VFR aviation and uncontrolled flight locations in Finland.

The association will develop the publication and will also review the utilisation of information supplied by other parties than Finavia. The goal is to improve the service utilised by general aviators. The essential elements of the information currently contained in the VFR-Suomi guide are also available in the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP); Finavia is responsible for producing it.

- Finavia's main mission is to enable commercial air traffic and develop its services to cater to the needs of that. However, we find it important that general aviation is doing as well as possible in Finland. That is why we are happy to have the chance to support general aviation and aviation safety in many ways. I am confident that through a deep dialogue, we can take things forward as effectively as possible, says CEO Kari Savolainen.

- Deeper cooperation with Finavia is important to the entire general aviation sector. It is about the development of the Finnish aviation culture. The association understands the significance of the VFR-Suomi service to aviators and wants to develop and modernise the service to make it even more well-functioning. Good flight planning and the availability of information about flight location services are part of flight safety work. As part of promoting hobby aviation, maintaining this service is a natural task for the association, says Timo Latikka, Executive Director of the Finnish Aeronautical Association

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