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Airbus A350 arrives at Helsinki Airport in August

Article published
24.07.2014 kl 07:13
An image of Airbus A350XWB airplane.
The new Airbus A350 visits Helsinki Airport in August. The visit is part of the final certification phase and Route Proving flight including 13 other cities.

Airbus A350 arrives from Moscow to Helsinki Airport on Tuesday, 12th August. The estimated landing time is 6 PM. The plane continues its flight to Toulouse, France, on Wednesday afternoon, 13th August.

The visit is part of the final Route Proving flight of Airbus A350. Finnair will start operating Airbus A350 at Helsinki Airport in 2015.

Best locations for spotting A350

The best locations for spotting Airbus A350 are Ruskeasannantie near the old chapel and Tullimiehentie rocks.

The runway used for landing as well as the exact parking spot of the airplane will be announced later.

Finavia encourages people arriving to these locations by car to park their cars according to parking rules in order to avoid traffic jams.

Finavia warmly welcomes Airbus A350 to Helsinki Airport!

Press release: The A350 XWB embarks on final certification phase