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Helsinki Airport’s luggage factory handles over 5 million bags yearly

Article published
19.12.2017 kl 10:00
By 2020, the facility will be able to sort 50% more luggage.

Last year, over 5.6 million bags went through the luggage factory at Helsinki Airport. On an average day the luggage facility handles about 15,000 bags, and on busy ones, the number grows to around 25,000 bags.

At peak capacity, the factory is able to sort and deliver 7,000 bags in an hour. Altogether, the luggage handling facility contains 11 kilometers of conveyor belts in five separate lines.

Development program doubles the capacity for transfer luggage

Helsinki-Vantaa is preparing to serve 30 million passengers, which is a significant increase of about 18 million today.

As part of Helsinki Airport’s development program, the luggage factory is being expanded: the facility will have 1,500 square meters of extra floor space. By 2020, the factory will be able to sort 50% more luggage, and the handling capacity for transferring luggage will grow by 130%.

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