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Facts about Finavia’s ambitious climate programme – all airports decarbonized by 2020

Article published
14.03.2018 kl 12:01
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Finavia aims to decarbonize its entire airport network. The first milestone was completed in 2017 as Helsinki Airport became carbon neutral.

Finavia's climate programme aims to decarbonize all 21 airports already by the year 2020. Here are the key facts about the ambitious programme:

1. Helsinki Airport became carbon neutral in 2017

Helsinki Airport reached a significant milestone in August 2017: its carbon footprint was zero and as a carbon neutral airport, Helsinki Airport was awarded with the international Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) certificate. There are only 37 airports in the whole world with this certificate.

2. One in five of Europe’s 100 carbon neutral airports will be in Finland

Through its network of 21 airports, Finavia is a key partner to the joint commitment of European airport companies under which there should be 100 carbon-neutral airports in Europe by the year 2030. As Finavia has an extensive network its airports make up 20 per cent of the Europewide goal.

3. The aim is to make all Finavia airports carbon neutral already by 2020

The goal of Finavia is to make all its airports carbon neutral ten years ahead of the European commitment – already by the year 2020. At a practical level, this requires extensive reviews of Finavia's own operations as well as other operators in the facility, continuous improvements in Finavia's emissions efficiency and offsetting of residual emissions.

4. The climate programme sets key measures to achieve carbon neutrality

The climate programme consists of a number of measures which help push down the carbon dioxide emissions. These include the following:

  • Use of wind power
  • Construction of a solar power plant
  • Airport vehicles fuelled by renewable diesel
  • Purchase of eco-friendly vehicles
  • Substantial increase in LED lighting
  • Use of pellet fuels and geothermal energy as heat sources
  • Offsetting and purchasing emissions units from voluntary markets
  • Eco-friendly construction (including BREEAM certification for the new terminals)
  • Ensuring that the other companies operating at airports are committed to reducing their emissions

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