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People of Finavia: Airport maintenance is all about teamwork

Article published
01.08.2022 kl 10:00
Anne Järvinen potrtetti
People & Aviation
Anne Järvinen is a maintenance specialist who has completed additional qualifications during her career. Today, her work has an impact on all of Finavia’s airports. Airport maintenance is crucial for safe and smooth air travel. The team members support and motivate each other, even in challenging conditions.

“Working in airport maintenance is varied and challenging. No two days are the same. You always need to have a back-up plan if things don’t go the way you expect them to. For example, the weather conditions can be difficult during the winter season, but we still need to keep the traffic area safe and functional. If you feel like you’re keeping up with the situation, you are actually falling behind. You need to be proactive and stay ahead of things.

I joined Finavia in 2011 as a maintenance professional. I was already familiar with Helsinki Airport then, having spent a decade working for one of Finavia’s subcontractors. A couple of years later, I was promoted to maintenance specialist. Then I gradually started to get opportunities to substitute for supervisors, and eventually became the supervisor in charge of the maintenance of the apron and traffic area at Helsinki Airport.

In spring 2022, I moved on from my job in practical maintenance and became a specialist in the maintenance of traffic area services in our Airport Infrastructure, Sustainability, Safety, Security & Compliance unit. Today, I am responsible for maintenance-related matters for all of Finavia’s airports. My previous experience is very useful in my current job. I know how things are done in practice. That said, I still have a lot to learn.

Much of my work revolves around managing various practical matters. For example, I’m responsible for ensuring that our painting team, which works at all 20 of Finavia’s airports, is at the right place at the right time, and that our airports know where to order maintenance-related equipment and supplies. I am also responsible for the competitive procurement of various supplies. For instance, I am currently in the process of purchasing new containers for runway anti-icing chemicals for a few of our airports.

Looking back, you could say that my career progress has been surprisingly fast. I’m pleased about that. My colleagues have encouraged me to take on new challenges. Finavia has also urged me to pursue further training and provided me with the necessary opportunities. During my time here, I have completed a specialist vocational qualification in technology and a further qualification as an earthworks technician. My studies prepared me for supervisory duties.

I have tremendous appreciation for Finavia’s maintenance personnel. When things get challenging, they put everything on the line to ensure that the airport can operate as it should. That’s when you realise they are the best team you could hope for. When I worked in maintenance at Helsinki Airport, we always gave each other support and encouragement. We had this feeling that no matter what happened, we would get through it together.

Finavia is a large company, but we look after our own, even when times are tough. Describing an airport as a world unto itself is a bit of a cliché, but it’s true. There really is no other place like an airport. The thought of leaving this work environment has never even crossed my mind.”