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Route list: These destinations are served by direct scheduled flights from Finavia airports during the 2024 summer season

Article published
26.03.2024 kl 09:00
Airplane flying in the sky.
The list below shows which destinations are served by direct scheduled flights from Finavia airports during the 2024 summer season (31 March - 27 October).

The destinations are listed by airport and in alphabetical order. In addition to the destinations, the list includes the airlines that operate flights to the destination. If there are flights to more than one airport for a single destination, the airports are also listed separately. The routes were confirmed on 26 March 2024. Routes are subject to change on a daily basis, so always check with the airline directly to see which destinations they operate flights to.

Helsinki Airport

  • Alanya, Turkey (Finnair, Pegasus Airlines)
  • Alicante, Spain (Finnair, Norwegian, Ryanair)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (Finnair, KLM)
  • Antalya, Turkey (Finnair)
  • Athens, Greece (Aegean Airlines, Norwegian)
  • Bangkok, Thailand (Finnair)
  • Barcelona, Spain (Finnair, Norwegian)
  • Barcelona-Girona, Spain (Ryanair)
  • Bergen, Norway (Finnair)
  • Berlin, Germany (Eurowings, Finnair)
  • Billund, Denmark (Finnair)
  • Bodø, Norway (Finnair)
  • Bologna, Italy (Finnair)
  • Brussels, Belgium (Finnair)
  • Brussels-Charleroi, Belgium (Ryanair)
  • Budapest, Hungary (Finnair)
  • Burgas, Bulgaria (Norwegian)
  • Chicago, USA (Finnair)
  • Dallas, USA (Finnair)
  • Delhi, India (Finnair)
  • Doha, Qatar (Finnair)
  • Dublin, Ireland (Finnair)
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia (Finnair, Norwegian, Ryanair)
  • Düsseldorf, Germany (Finnair)
  • Edinburgh, United Kingdom (Finnair)
  • Frankfurt, Germany (Finnair, Lufthansa)
  • Gdansk, Poland (Finnair)
  • Geneva, Switzerland (Finnair)
  • Gran Canaria, Spain (Finnair)
  • Gothenburg, Sweden (Finnair)
  • Hamburg, Germany (Finnair)
  • Hong Kong (Finnair)
  • Istanbul - Sabiha-Gokcen, Turkey (Pegasus Airlines)
  • Istanbul, Turkey (Turkish Airlines)
  • Ivalo, Finland (Finnair)
  • Joensuu, Finland (Finnair)
  • Jyväskylä, Finland (Finnair)
  • Kajaani, Finland (Finnair)
  • Kalamáta, Greece (Aegean Airlines)
  • Kemi-Tornio, Finland (Finnair)
  • Kittilä, Finland (Finnair)
  • Kokkola-Pietarsaari, Finland (Finnair)
  • Krakow, Poland (Finnair)
  • Crete-Hania, Greece (Finnair, Norwegian)
  • Crete-Iraklion, Greece (Finnair)
  • Kuopio, Finland (Finnair)
  • Kuusamo, Finland (Finnair)
  • Copenhagen, Denmark (Finnair, Norwegian, SAS)
  • Lárnaka, Cyprus (Finnair, Norwegian)
  • Lisbon, Portugal (Finnair)
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia (Finnair)
  • London-Gatwick, United Kingdom (Norwegian)
  • London-Heathrow, UK (Finnair)
  • London-Stansted, United Kingdom (Ryanair)
  • Los Angeles, USA (Finnair)
  • Mariehamn, Finland (Finnair)
  • Madeira, Portugal (Finnair)
  • Madrid, Spain (Finnair)
  • Malaga, Spain (Finnair, Norwegian)
  • Mallorca, Spain (Finnair, Norwegian)
  • Manchester, United Kingdom (Finnair)
  • Milan-Bergamo, Italy (Norwegian, Ryanair)
  • Milan-Linate, Italy (Finnair)
  • Milan-Malpensa, Italy (Finnair)
  • Munich, Germany (Finnair, Lufthansa)
  • Nagoya, Japan (Finnair)
  • Naples, Italy (Finnair)
  • New York, USA (Finnair)
  • Nice, France (Finnair, Norwegian)
  • Osaka, Japan (Finnair)
  • Oslo, Norway (Finnair, Norwegian)
  • Oulu, Finland (Finnair)
  • Paris-Beauvais, France (Ryanair)
  • Paris-Charles De Gaulle, France (Air France, Finnair)
  • Pisa, Italy (Norwegian)
  • Pori, Finland (Budapest Aircraft Service)
  • Prague, Czech Republic (Finnair)
  • Pristina, Kosovo (Norwegian)
  • Reykjavík, Iceland (Finnair, Iceland Air)
  • Riga, Latvia (Air Baltic, Finnair)
  • Rhodes, Greece (Finnair, Norwegian)
  • Rome, Italy (Finnair)
  • Rovaniemi, Finland (Finnair, Norwegian)
  • Santorini, Greece (Finnair)
  • Savonlinna, Finland (Budapest Aircraft Service)
  • Seattle, USA (Finnair)
  • Shanghai, China (Finnair, Juneyao Airlines)
  • Singapore (Finnair)
  • Sofia, Bulgaria (Norwegian)
  • Seoul, South Korea (Finnair)
  • Split, Croatia (Finnair, Norwegian)
  • Tallinn, Estonia (Finnair)
  • Tartu, Estonia (Finnair)
  • Tenerife, Spain (Finnair)
  • Thessaloniki, Greece (Ryanair)
  • Tivat, Montenegro (Norwegian)
  • Tokyo-Haneda, Japan (Finnair, Japan Airlines)
  • Tokyo-Narita, Japan (Finnair)
  • Tromsø, Norway (Finnair)
  • Trondheim, Norway (Finnair)
  • Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden (Finnair, Norwegian, SAS)
  • Stockholm-Bromma, Sweden (Finnair)
  • Vaasa, Finland (Finnair)
  • Warsaw, Poland (Finnair, Ryanair)
  • Venice, Italy (Finnair, Norwegian, Ryanair)
  • Verona, Italy (Finnair)
  • Vilnius, Lithuania (Finnair)
  • Visby, Sweden (Finnair)
  • Vienna, Austria (Finnair, Ryanair)
  • Wrocław, Poland (Finnair)
  • Zadar, Croatia (Ryanair)
  • Zhengzhou, China (Juneyao Airlines)
  • Zurich, Switzerland (Finnair)

Ivalo Airport

  • Helsinki, Finland (Finnair)

Joensuu Airport

  • Helsinki, Finland (Finnair)

Jyväskylä Airport

  • Helsinki, Finland (Finnair)

Kajaani Airport

  • Helsinki, Finland (Finnair)

Kemi-Tornio Airport

  • Helsinki, Finland (Finnair)

Kittilä Airport

  • Helsinki, Finland (Finnair)

Kokkola-Pietarsaari Airport

  • Helsinki, Finland (Finnair)

Kuopio Airport

  • Helsinki, Finland (Finnair)

Kuusamo Airport

  • Helsinki, Finland (Finnair)

Mariehamn Airport

  • Helsinki, Finland (Finnair)
  • Stockholm, Sweden (populAir)
  • Turku, Finland (populAir)

Oulu Airport

  • Helsinki, Finland (Finnair)
  • Munich, Germany (Lufthansa)

Pori Airport

  • Helsinki, Finland (Budapest Aircraft Service)

Rovaniemi Airport

  • Helsinki, Finland (Finnair, Norwegian)

Savonlinna Airport

  • Helsinki, Finland (Budapest Aircraft Service)

Tampere Airport

  • Copenhagen, Denmark (Air Baltic)
  • Malaga, Spain (Air Baltic)
  • Mallorca, Spain (Air Baltic)
  • Riga, Latvia (Air Baltic)
  • Rhodes, Greece (Air Baltic)
  • Tallinn, Estonia (Air Baltic)

Turku Airport

  • Gdansk, Poland (Wizz Air)
  • Mariehamn, Finland (populAir)
  • Riga, Latvia (Air Baltic)
  • Rome, Italy (Wizz Air)
  • Stockholm, Sweden (SAS)

Vaasa Airport

  • Helsinki, Finland (Finnair)
  • Stockholm, Sweden (SAS)