Traffic statistics

Finavia regularly publishes figures for passengers, landings and freight and mail volumes. Information on flights is obtained from Air Traffic Control whilst information relating to passenger, cargo and postal volumes for specific airlines is obtained from the forwarding companies at the airports.

A traffic database was set up in 1997 as a basis for traffic statistics. Previously statistics had been based on the figures from each individual airport and its statistical procedures.

Basic statistics are published monthly. These figures cover the passenger, operational and freight volumes. The statistics are presented for the latest complete month and cumulatively from the beginning of the year. Changes as percentages are also presented besides the actual volumes achieved.

Traffic statistics are presented in excel form. When using this data, please mention source of the information: Finavia Corp.

Traffic statistics 2024

Air traffic passenger statistics

Flight volume statistics; landings and take offs


Get familiar with the definitions:

"Passengers" refers to arriving, departing and transfer passengers. The passenger statistics do not include the airplane's crew, infants or transit passengers that do not change airplanes.

Domestic passengers
A domestic passenger departs from an airport in Finland and arrives at an airport in Finland.

International passengers
An international passenger departs or arrives at a foreign airport.

Transfer passengers
A transfer passenger arrives by airplane at the airport and continues his or her journey to another airport.

Scheduled traffic passenger
A passenger who flies on a scheduled flight.

Charter traffic passenger
A passenger who flies on a chartered flight.

Commercial aviation
Commercial aviation is commercial air traffic, in which passengers, freight or mail are transported in exchange for a fee or rent. Commercial traffic includes regular airline service, charter and air taxi traffic. Commercial aviation does not include general aviation, training or military flights.