About air traffic and traffic statistics

Smooth, efficient air traffic is the sum of thousands of players working together. Finavia is one important term in this equation.

The regulation applies to the air traffic sector at large, including aviation safety, passenger safety, environmental matters, service prices and the expertise and competence of our personnel.

In Finland, the supervisory authority for aviation safety is Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom. Traficom is also responsible for regulations and instructions on security control. These are based, for instance, on international and EU regulations on aviation. Every year, Finavia invests millions of euros in maintaining and ensuring safety.

Airport personnel working in specific roles are required to participate in continuous training in order to maintain their professional competencies. These roles include traffic controllers, fire and rescue personnel, security officers, maintenance and apron personnel. Timetables for carriers and airports are planned globally by coordinating take off and landing slots. Slot-coordinated airports are governed by an EU regulation and by harmonised international rules. Helsinki Airport is the only slot-coordinated airport in Finland.

Air traffic is cooperation

Finavia manages the Finnish national airport network. There are also a few smaller, municipal airports in Finland. Fintraffic Air Navigation Services provides traffic control services and is responsible for managing the use of Finnish airspace.

In other countries, airports are typically owned by the state, municipalities or investors. The owners can manage one or several airports. Different countries also have different means of organising their airspace control and air navigation services. Generally, air navigation is managed by a separate company or by authorities.

Carriers are responsible for transporting passengers, luggage and freight. Their tasks include check-in, luggage handling and services at the gates and arrivals desks. Carriers also prepare on-board meals, refuel their aircraft and manage ice removal. Typically, these tasks are performed by ground handling companies at airports.

Passengers encounter several service providers at the airport, such as shops, restaurants, money exchange services and car rental shops.

Authorities supervise the safety of airports. In Finland, airport safety is supervised by the police, the Finnish Boarder Guard and Customs.