History of Ivalo Airport

Read about the history of Ivalo Airport.

1943 Ivalo’s original airport was completed

1945 The airport was destroyed in the Lapland War

1950 The airport was rebuilt, and the work was completed in 1950.

1955 Aero Oy (now Finnair) started flights between Rovaniemi and Ivalo

1973 A new 2,000-metre long main runway was completed

1974 Jet traffic to Ivalo began

1975 Year-round air traffic at Ivalo Airport began

1994 After a number of smaller extensions, a new major extension was completed in 1994.

2008 There used to be two runways at Ivalo Airport. However, the second runway was closed in 2008, and today planes land on one runway.

2016 1,000 square metres of extra space was added to the terminal.

2017 The number of passengers travelling via Ivalo Airport increased to more than 200,000 for the first time

2018 The apron was extended, which doubled the number of aircraft stands, among other things. The highest number of passengers so far was in 2018 when more than 242,000 passengers flew via Ivalo Airport

2019 The latest extension took place in 2019, when the arrivals hall was completed.