We ensure smooth and safe traffic for passengers. Our responsibilities include building, servicing and maintaining infrastructure at airports. These tasks include, for instance, communication, lighting and heating at airports, traffic arrangements, security control, signs and information desks at terminals.

We are also responsible for maintaining runways and other air traffic infrastructure. Finavia is world-famous for its expertise with snow.

We rent out commercial and office space at airports to companies providing services to carriers and passengers. We cooperate with the service providers to improve the level and coverage of services at airports.

Finavia’s airport business comprises two areas: Helsinki Airport and network airports. Air navigation business has been corporitise to its own company ANS Finland.

Most of our revenue comes from air traffic fees, such as landing and passenger fees, rental return and parking fees. Finavia’s operations are not supported through taxation.

Airport operation is strictly regulated businesses. Finavia’s cost structure, investments and operations are governed by international and national regulations, particularly those pertaining to safety and the environment.

Helsinki Airport is and important European hub and the leading transfer airport between Europe and Asia. The airport has won several international awards and recognitions for its excellent services.

Regional airports in the Finavia network are the gate between Finland and the world. Airports in Lapland have aided the rise of Finnish tourism and made it world-famous.