Finavia’s sustainability programme: Towards sustainable air travel

The three cornerstones of our sustainability programme are the well-being of people, sustainable air traffic, and good governance and finances.

Finavia is a leader in sustainable development in both Finland and the aviation industry. We are speeding up the sustainability efforts of the entire air traffic sector. The three cornerstones of our sustainability programme are: the well-being of people, sustainable air traffic, and good governance and finances. We understand that, as an airport company, we are not able to solve the climate challenges of the entire aviation industry. However, we want to do all we can across the air traffic value chain for a more sustainable world.

We have already done much to make air traffic more sustainable. Our carbon-neutral airports will reach net zero emissions in 2025. In the long run, we aim for carbon negativity. We are also accelerating the transition of our partners towards more sustainable air traffic by taking part in innovative, sector-wide efforts related to the development of more sustainable fleets.

We carry out dedicated environmental work to protect bodies of water and nature in the areas surrounding our airports. We promote biodiversity by ensuring the survival of microorganisms and insects around our airports. We support the circular economy by increasing the recycling rate of waste and glycol.

People feel good at our airports and in their immediate surroundings. Every employee, customer and partner receives safe and equal treatment. We consistently develop the management of aircraft noise. Our services are smooth, accessible and easy to use. We support the well-being of Finavia employees by developing leadership, ensuring our staff are equipped with the resources to thrive, and increasing the diversity of our work community.

Our work brings the world closer. We promote good connections to and from Finland, together with airlines and tourism. Our financial sustainability supports Finnish society. We offer work to thousands of people at our airports and, by creating connections, we contribute to the entire Finnish economy.

Change comes from our desire to do things better than good. Our five-year sustainability programme, created with this in mind, is spurring us on towards sustainable air travel.