Our ethical principles

The Finavia Group operates as an essential part of a cooperation chain formed by tens of thousands of global operators with the responsibility of ensuring efficient and safe flight connections. By doing the right thing, we show that we are a trustworthy partner. These principles guide our work.

We follow the law

  • Our operations are based on complying with the applicable laws and regulations, the commitments we have made and our internal guidelines in our work and decision-making.
  • We act responsibly from the perspective of our customers, partners, staff and society as a whole.

We do not accept bribery or corruption

  • We do not accept bribery or illegal payments in any form in our business operations
  • We do not give, accept or demand bribes or other benefits that could affect the impartiality of our actions with our partners or the authorities.
  • We must check in advance whether our actions would be acceptable, and we comply with the internal guidelines and regulations related to the matter.

We avoid conflicts of interest

  • We work and make decisions in the best interest of Finavia. We avoid situations and actions where our own or someone else’s interest would be in conflict with the interest of Finavia.
  • Through our actions, we make sure that our ability to act or make appropriate decisions on behalf of Finavia is not compromised.

We operate safely

  • Air traffic safety and security always take first priority in our operations, and we will not endanger them under any circumstances.
  • By air traffic safety and security, we mean aviation safety, civil aviation security and Finavia’s corporate security. Through our actions, we seek to prevent events and situations that endanger safety and security.
  • We will comply with the issued safety regulations and guidelines without compromise as well as require that from each other.

We look after property and information

  • We are responsible for tangible property, intellectual property rights and various kinds of information. We carefully look after the property and information of Finavia and our partners that has been entrusted to us and is used by us.
  • We carefully protect the classified and confidential information we have received and that is in our possession.
  • We always collect and process customer data and other personal data in a planned and legal way and only for purposes allowed by the law.
  • We carefully comply with all the information security and personal data protection regulations and guidelines.

We are transparent in our communications

  • We expect our employees to represent Finavia and its operations, and to act according to the instructions when it comes to Finavia’s stakeholders.
  • The operations of airports are safety-critical, and we cannot share information about safety and security systems or arrangements with the public.
  • We communicate transparently and honestly.
  • Specific appointed persons responsible take care of media relations, and all Finavia employees should be able to help the media contact the right party.
  • On social media, we follow the same principles as with other communication and interaction. We do not allow discrimination, harassment or bullying on social media.

We respect each other and our partners

  • We respect internationally recognised basic rights and human rights in our operations as well as in our relationship with our customers and partners.
  • We treat our customers, each other and our partners equally. We do not discriminate against anyone on the grounds of age, gender, health status, religion or belief, sexual orientation or other personal characteristics.
  • We respect our employees’ right to organise, and we work actively to ensure occupational safety.
  • Every Finavia employee has the right to do their work without being disturbed. We do not accept any kind of discrimination, harassment or bullying in our work community. If we become aware of an issue, we will resolve it determinedly and confidentially and in accordance with the agreed procedures.

We take responsibility for the environment

  • We take environmental and climate protection into account in all our operations and minimise the harmful impact of our operations.
  • We follow the regulations and guidelines related to environmental protection and the reduction of carbon emissions in our work with customers and our own work as well as in procurement, and we also develop our ways of working and operating.

We procure responsibly

  • Finavia’s procurement operations are based on good and ethical business practices. We do the right thing and act transparently while taking the environment and society into account and avoiding conflicts of interest that would affect our decision-making.
  • When selecting suppliers and service providers, we follow the principles of equality and non-discrimination and procure products and services whose production takes into account the factors related to financial, social and environmental responsibility.
  • The practices related to correct and responsible conduct that are important to Finavia have been compiled in our Code of Conduct, the principles of which we also expect our partners to follow.

We follow the principles in our day-to-day work

  • We are committed to following these ethical principles in everything we do. These principles support us in maintaining a way of working that is safe, transparent and inspires trust.
  • We require all of our immediate supervisors, staff and partners to familiarise themselves with these principles and the more detailed regulations and guidelines.
  • We regularly provide our staff with training on how to act ethically and responsibly.

We listen to concerns and report violations

  • We are committed to listening to the concerns that are reported to us and resolving any issues. Every Finavia employee, director and partner is obligated to report the issue without delay if they notice or suspect any actions contrary to these ethical principles in Finavia’s operations.
  • We encourage our employees to first contact your immediate supervisor, another person in a management position, an appropriate responsible party or a contact person.
  • We will treat all the related discussions and reports with the utmost confidentiality. We will always follow Finavia’s accepted procedure when dealing with the issue and taking the actions related to it.

Whistleblowing channel gives an opportunity to report any possible wrongdoing or violations that do not follow the law, the ethical principles or good and ethical business practices. You can make send a message via this form.

Regarding to other things concerning our operations, please contact Finavia’s customer service.