Transporting animals

Airlines carry pets and guide dogs if a seat is reserved for the animal in advance. However, the rules vary by airline. Did you know that cats, dogs and ferrets are required to have a pet passport in EU countries?

Small pets may usually travel in the passenger cabin. Large pets are carried in their own travel containers in a heated section of the cargo hold.

Travel containers can be purchased from the airline or a pet store.

Some airlines refuse to carry animals.

Birds, snakes, lizards and insects are only transported by air freight.

A pet passport is obligatory for all cats, dogs and ferrets when they are transported between EU countries. Pet passports can be purchased from veterinarians.

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Check the quarantine regulations in advance

You should find out in advance what kind of quarantine and vaccination regulations apply to your country of destination. The quarantine may hold for up to four months. For information on legislation and pet regulations, please contact the embassy or the veterinary authority of your country of destination.

The import of animals into Finland involves restrictions and inspections. More information is available from the Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira) and Finnish Customs.

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