Travelling with children

Simple and slightly more fun travel for families and little passengers. Before travelling, check out our tips to help your whole family depart and arrive at the airport as smoothly as possible.

At Finavia’s airports, children can go through check-in, security control and passport control together with their parent. Children can also take a dear toy with them to, for example, security control. For flights and any periods of waiting, it is a good idea to pack books, games or other entertainment suitable for little passengers.

Required travel documents

Children must also have their own passport when travelling. In addition to the passport, you may also need other documents required by the destination country, such as a visa or a COVID-19 certificate. Up-to-date information about travel documents is available on the websites of your destination country’s authorities and from the airline. For example, the Finnair website provides information about the required travel documents in a travel requirements map.

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Prams and pushchairs

With regard to prams, the practices vary according to the airline. For this reason, you should check the additional information from the airline either in advance or during check-in.

Pushchairs and prams that will go in the plane’s hold must be packed in a protective bag. Some airlines offer passengers a protective bag at check-in.

If you have to leave your own pushchair at check-in, little passengers can continue their journey in the terminal using a pushchair provided by the airport.

Bringing baby food on a flight

Baby food can be passed through security control, where it must be taken out of hand baggage for the duration of the security control. You may carry the amount of baby food and liquids you will need during your flight in your hand baggage. A baby is considered to be a child under two years of age who travels on an infant ticket and who does not have a seat on board.

Security control how-to

Children’s meals at the airport

You can heat your own baby food and warm bottles at all restaurants and cafés at Finavia airports. For slightly older children, you can ask for suitable meals directly from restaurants and cafés. You can also contact the airport’s restaurants and cafés in advance by using the contact information provided on our website.

Baby changing facilities and play areas

You can change your baby’s nappy at the airport’s toilet facilities using either a separate baby changing room or a baby changing station located in the toilet facilities.

Finavia airports also have play areas where little passengers can pass the time while waiting for their flight.

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Helsinki Airport map

Free Wi-Fi

Fast and free Wi-Fi is available without separate login details at all airports. Little passengers can use it to, for example, watch children’s shows.

Little Airport

You and your whole family can prepare for your trip with the help of the Little Airport materials: