Basic Information

  • Annual passenger and landing statistics of the airport are published on Finavia's Traffic Statistics page.
  • The airport's runways are 2,350 and 800 metres long.


  • 1939: Traffic on the still unfinished Pori airport begins. Runways are completed in 1941.
  • 1944: The Satakunta Air Command begins operating on Pori Airport.
  • 1945: Aero opens a regular route to Pori.
  • 1953: The Finnish Airforce begins jet traffic at Pori Airport.
  • 1960s: The airport's current terminal and flight traffic control buildings are completed.
  • 1985: The Satakunta Air Command is moved to Tampere. However, training flights at Pori Airport continue as the Finnish Aviation Academy is moved from Kuopio to Pori the same year.
  • 2001: The main runway is extended to 2,350 metres.