Gates 14-15 (Show on the map)
Opening hours
Mon-Fri 5-20.00, Sat 5-18 and Sun 5.30-20
Contact information
+358 50 590 1095

60° Bar & Brewery
12 ratings

Feeling thirsty? Come by to 60º Bar & Brewery!

We offer a nice variety of Finnish craft beers and snacks to go with it. Our professional staff will be happy to help you choosing a beer for your taste. You can also enjoy a nice glass of wine, cocktails or a freshly ground espresso coffee.

Airport cafés and restaurants offers options suitable for various special diets. These products are marked clearly on restaurant menus, café signs, and product labels. Read a useful list of options for special diets at Helsinki Airport.

Gates 14-15 (Show on the map)
Opening hours
Mon-Fri 5-20.00, Sat 5-18 and Sun 5.30-20
Contact information
+358 50 590 1095
Ihana paikka, hyvät juomat, toki myyjä saisi osata suomea tai edes puhua englantia ääneen.
Linda • 30.11.2016
Ihana paikka istahtaa konetta odotellessa.. Hyvä valikoima erikois oluita ja erityisen hyvää asiakaspalvelua. Suosittelen lämpimästi..
Venla • 10.10.2016
Experienced great customer service today here. No idea how the waitress could be so cheerful 6am but she (and the double espresso) certainly made my day. Will definately visit again.
Peter • 3.10.2016
This is the place to be if you've got an hour or so to kill for flight transfer. Don't go to the duty free or wine or souvenir stores. They are full of chinese shopping maniacs. No offense, I myself is chinese, but my people are really not cool regarding buying stuff. Not to mention that the wine price here is really over priced.The 60 degrees bar is at gate 15 and the furtherest gate is 9 so you get it's not in the center. And maybe that's why it's not filled with people. Just FYI it takes a less than ten minutes walk to gate 22.Here you can listen to some music and enjoy a decent India pale ale and maybe a beef burger. It is said that the beef comes from free range cattles in Finland.The price is a little bit expensive. For 26 euro you get a thick beef burger, fries, and a half litre IPA. But regarding dinning in Helsinki is not cheap and normally the airport will charge you twice for what you can get in the city center, it is not so expensive. Once I had a really small pasta in the city center snd it was not very crowded area and it cost me more than 10 euro and I was not even half full so I had to get another hesburger meal after that.Highly recommended.
Tiexin Guo • 24.9.2016
Cozy and nicely curated beer selection. Better than Oak barrel and less crowded
Ville • 21.8.2016
Nice selection of craftbeers!!
Lisa S. • 24.1.2016
Halpa ja hyvä. (Tarjolla myös alaikäisille)
Nimimerkki 15v • 12.1.2016

Kiitos arvostelustasi!

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