Gate 30, 3rd floor (Show on the map)
Opening hours
Sun-Fri 11.21 and Sat 11-19
Contact information
+358 50 342 5466

Arctic Bar
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Arctic Bar is the only cocktail bar at the airport. Our light walls resembling Nordic lights create a special atmosphere.

Each season brings a new cocktail menu created by internationally active Finnish bartenders. Try something new or have a classic. You can also enjoy your drink at our terrace.

You can also order other beverages, sandwiches and pastries.

Airport cafés and restaurants offers options suitable for various special diets. These products are marked clearly on restaurant menus, café signs, and product labels. Read a useful list of options for special diets at Helsinki Airport.

Gate 30, 3rd floor (Show on the map)
Opening hours
Sun-Fri 11.21 and Sat 11-19
Contact information
+358 50 342 5466
Very disappointing experience. We came dor a quick meal and got 2 salads + 1 coke + 1 beer for 41€! Salads were cold and taken directly from the refrigerator even when the menu said "warm smoked salmon salad".
Kelly • 25.8.2016
Vakioasiakkaana haluaisin muistuttaa mainostamisen oikeellisuudesta - ei ole muffinseja, on kyllä ollut. Americano on erinomaista.
Eki • 22.5.2016
Very comfortable, lots of plugs for your electronics bit they are super unfriendly especially to people with long layovers. Ours is 5 hours and 15 minutes after sitting down we were informed that we needed to purchase something. No warm food, liquor only.
Katie • 2.3.2016
Baarin ulkomaalaistaustainen työvoima ei osaa annostella juomia oikein. Annoskoot lähes jatkuvasti vajaita, esim. vihreä tee jonka tilaa mukaan, niin kuppi on vajaa jo haudutuspussin ollessa mukissa! Onko kielimuuri vai mikä?
Tume • 26.12.2015
Schengen-puolen ykkösvalintani lähtödrinkeille. Kiva katsella kentän touhuja yläparvelta. Suht järkevä hinnoittelu. Terassi on kyllä pieni pettymys.
Tommy L • 15.8.2015
Hyvä palvelu, Loma lähti hyvin käyntii upealla coctaililla
Simo • 7.6.2015
Pieni pettymys, sisällä kiva. Jännä, mutta ei kovin hieno terassi ulkona. Myös screenit sisällä. Worth a visit.
Kenneth • 17.5.2015

Kiitos arvostelustasi!

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