Gate 37-38 (Show on the map)
Opening hours
Mon-Sun 13-17.30
Contact information
+358 50 461 8671

Helsinki Sausage Co.
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When you pair a high-quality sausage with artisan bread, you can talk about a new kind of fast food, namely street food.

Uncomplicated is the right word to describe our Helsinki Sausage Co. restaurant. The compact size of the restaurant and relaxed design highlighting rustic wood add to the atmosphere.

Choose a sausage with crispy artisan bread or a hamburger with a glass of beer from the menu.

Speciality sausages and breakfast

We favour the products of local Finnish farmers, for example, our sausages come from small Finnish slaughterhouses.

You can also enjoy a hearty breakfast.

Airport cafés and restaurants offers options suitable for various special diets. These products are marked clearly on restaurant menus, café signs, and product labels. Read a useful list of options for special diets at Helsinki Airport.

Gate 37-38 (Show on the map)
Opening hours
Mon-Sun 13-17.30
Contact information
+358 50 461 8671
Nakit näyttivät hyviltä, mutta tuntui hölmöltä maksaa 11 euroa gin tonicista joka käytännössä tarkoitti muovimukissa olevaa giniä ja tölkkiä taskulämmintä tonicia. Jäitä ei saanut edes pyytämällä.
Sami Ståhlstedt • 6.12.2016
erittäin hyvällä paikalla napata pari olutta ennen aasian lentoa:)
Joni • 12.11.2016
hyvä konsepti, mutta tarjoilussa tehoton organisointi -> jonoa on jatkuvasti
Topi Laamanen • 17.5.2015

Kiitos arvostelustasi!

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