Gate 29, 3rd floor (Show on the map)
Opening hours
Sun-Fri 6-21, Sat 6-19.30
Contact information
Weekdays 9-17 Sales service +358 207 629 732, other times Manager on duty +358 207 629 757 (see the calling rates on company's web site)

21 ratings

Sports and pub atmosphere with a New England twist

Several screens, abundant menu and good beers on tap create atmosphere.

Your destination need not be New England, because the O’Learys sports bar and restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere at the airport.

In the setting of dark wood and white and green chequered tablecloths, you can enjoy spectating sports with ribs and beer. If you are really hungry, a burger or another hefty meal is a good choice. We have almost 40 screens showing non-stop sports, and a game corner invites you to enjoy.

Gate 29, 3rd floor (Show on the map)
Opening hours
Sun-Fri 6-21, Sat 6-19.30
Contact information
Weekdays 9-17 Sales service +358 207 629 732, other times Manager on duty +358 207 629 757 (see the calling rates on company's web site)
Although this is supposed to be bar food it does't even rise to that level. Expensive as well - even for an airport. At least beer is still beee and you can watch sports.
Mewk • 1.7.2017
Reissaaja • 16.6.2017
They forget to bring my waterglass, they forget coleslaw salad from my portion, they forgot to bring me my check. Everything took too long. There isn't any fresh dessert, all are really sweat and greasy. Only plus is that food was ok and they have that oumph-burger.
Kate • 8.3.2017
Erittäin ystävällinen palvelu ja isot annokset, olut valikoima voisi olla laajempi
Hämis • 27.2.2017
Eipä kummoinen purilainen. Heavily overprized.
Matkamies • 25.2.2017
Kolmen viime vuoden aikan vähintään kolmesti vuodessa yrittänyt syömään. Aina ruoka jono 45min... kannatasko tehdä jotain? Edes luukulle jonkun sanomaan tai lappu luukulle. Ajasts turha odorella 5-10 min kuullakseen jonon. -*
Harri Järvinen • 7.10.2016
Hywää vähän kärtsähtänyttä hampparia ja kesti sopivan kauan ku lennolle oli yli pari tuntia.. Hinta vain 104€ / 4hampparia, 2 limukkaa, lonkero ja olut...
Kojootti • 2.8.2016
Hampurilaispihvi oli h u o n o, pahimpia mitä olen syönyt. Palvelu todella ripeä ja suomalaisittain jopa yliystävällistä. Tarjoilija oli vanhempi duracell-täti. Ehkä iltaisin (klo 19.30) on normaalia nopeampi paikkaa? Odotusajaksi luvattiin 25 min, sanoin, ettei ole kiirettä, ja ruoka tuli 10 min tilauksesta. Tosin sämpylät olivat kylmiä.
Iina • 30.6.2016
Aamupala tosi hyvä. Pöytäliinat tahmeat, kahvikuppi likainen.
Perusvalittaja • 31.5.2016
At an airport quick service is important. Olearys at Helsinki Airport does not understand this. We had to wait a few minutes before getting a table and with 35 minutes until boarding we ordered some food and told the waitress we were in a hurry. She took the order with a smile and soon returned with our beverages. After 25 minutes I asked where our food was and was told it always takes 35 to 45 minutes to get the food and that the waitress should have told us that. When I explained we only had 10 minutes until boarding and that no one had told us about their extremely long waiting time they promised our food would be delivered within 2 minutes. After 10 minutes when we still hadn't received our food we told them we had to leave and said that they should have informed us about the waiting time, especially when we said we were in a hurry, the staff became very rude and starting lying about how they did tell us about the waiting time. Do not eat here unless you have several hours to spare. I can't tell you about the quality of the food since I never got any.
Peter Ekstrand • 30.5.2016
Completely bad service - avoid
Andre • 27.5.2016
Good food, slow and sad service filled with confusion and chaos.
Mike • 25.5.2016
Promised to get the food in 30mins. Took 50mins to actually get and almost missed the flight. The food was mediocre at best. Not worth the price
Tomi • 25.5.2016
Slow service, high prices. Our five member team got food in three parts. Half of the beer pint was foam, but was charged full price.
Lauri Anttila • 25.5.2016
I got a burger with a hair in it, when I returned it, they took 20% off the price. Really??? Beer was warm as well. Basically worst O'Learys I have been too.
James • 19.5.2016
To slow.. hostile staff.. u gotta do something
Remy • 20.3.2016
Bad food, bad service, too slow and expencive.
Lm • 13.3.2016
Bad one. We ate hamburgers. The worst hamburger ever. The steak was like it made from can meat. Horrible.
Jenni • 4.3.2016
Very very bad service! And also slow! Food was OK.
tt • 20.2.2016
Decided to invest in decent buffet breakfast before taking off to Europe. Shouldn't have. Price was high (EUR 9) but offering was mediocre at the most. And not even warm. No value for money!
Jaakko • 26.1.2016

Kiitos arvostelustasi!

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