Terminal 2, arrivals hall 2A (Show on the map)
Opening hours
Mon-Sun 10-05
Contact information
+358 50 5698 887

Burger King
10 ratings

When you want tasty and quick food, come to Burger King.

Our most famous product is the Whopper hamburger, which has been made with the same recipe since 1957. This classic comes in three sizes. The Whopper has a flame-grilled beef patty and is served with creamy mayonnaise.

Other treats include hamburgers, French fries, salads, desserts, beverages and much more.

Airport cafés and restaurants offers options suitable for various special diets. These products are marked clearly on restaurant menus, café signs, and product labels. Read a useful list of options for special diets at Helsinki Airport.

Terminal 2, arrivals hall 2A (Show on the map)
Opening hours
Mon-Sun 10-05
Contact information
+358 50 5698 887
Palvelu hyvää ja nopeaa, mutta hampurilaiset maistuivat aivan mullalta.
Vesku • 13.4.2017
Tosi huono
Lol • 4.7.2016
Oli kyllä hyvät burgerit! Kävin ennen Rodokselle lähtöä!
Vattu • 1.7.2016
Really fast and good food, and very friendly staff.
Toni • 10.10.2015
Minulle ja pojalleni jäi hyvin myönteinen kuva vierailustamme. Myyjän pyynnöstäni suosittelema hampurilainen oli yllätys positiivisessa mielessä.
Mika Taberman • 18.8.2015

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