Terminal 2, arrivals hall 2A-2B (Show on the map)
Opening hours
Mon-Fri 10-1.45 and Sat-Sun 11-1.45
Contact information
Richie's Gourmet Hot dogs
+358 40 0624436

Richie's Gourmet Hot dogs
11 ratings

Have you tried a hot dog with bacon sausage or Spanish chorizo?

Richie’s Gourmet Hot dog kiosk offers you hot dogs with special and classic sausages and tasty condiments. These include mustard, rough ketchup, remoulade, roasted onion, raw onion and Boston cucumber salad.

We promise to prepare your hot dog in half a minute.

Airport cafés and restaurants offers options suitable for various special diets. These products are marked clearly on restaurant menus, café signs, and product labels. Read a useful list of options for special diets at Helsinki Airport.

Sandro Riccio recommends

"Try our hot dog with a spicy 130 gram sausage, which is 98% meat. It leaves a soft spicy aftertaste into your mouth. These sausages come from a small sausage company operating in Malmö, Sweden."

Terminal 2, arrivals hall 2A-2B (Show on the map)
Opening hours
Mon-Fri 10-1.45 and Sat-Sun 11-1.45
Contact information
Richie's Gourmet Hot dogs
+358 40 0624436
Vähän ennen puoltayötä pöydät siivoamatta, roskikset täynnä. Myyjätär seisoo toimettomana tiskin takana. Asiakkaat joutuu itse siivoamaan pöytiä. Tervetuloa Helsingin lentoasemalle! Hyvä konsepti ja loistavat tuotteet mutta pientä ryhtiä työntekijöille. Monille 2B:stä tuleville turisteille ensi kosketus Helsinkiin.
Masa • 17.6.2017
Onpa taso romahtanut. Leipä oli ihan pullamössöä ja pulled pork tosi kuivaa. Eipä tarvii enää vaivautua.
Samppa Kanerva • 12.6.2017
Great hod dogs with cold beer! Good stop before / after your flight. But... prices little bit too high.
Ltl • 20.11.2016
Three times very tasty Hotdogs. Nam!
HR J.Huu • 5.11.2016
The best hot dogs ever! Five stars to Richie
Mark Neighbor • 25.10.2016
I usually get one hot dog after flight before driving home. Taste is always excellent and size is just perfect for evening snack.
Arto • 6.9.2016
Great Hot Dogs! Thumbs Up for this! I'd like to have French's yellow mustard to choose from, or maybe Heinz yellow. And preferably hot self made from Colman's mustard powder.
Peppe • 17.4.2016
Huikeat hodarit ja kertakaikkisen erinomainen palvelu pirteältä ja hyväntuuliselta vaaleaveriköltä!
Ben • 8.4.2016
No vegan choice? C'mon, get one soon as vegans want to taste this amazing hot dog too!
Jane P • 29.3.2016
This hotdog was amazing. Thank you.
Ryan Atwood • 20.1.2016

Kiitos arvostelustasi!

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