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Book Swap
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Helsinki Airport offers free books to travellers

Enthusiastic bookworms and other air passengers who are looking for entertainment now have access to a unique Book Swap point.

The Book Swap point is located in the Kainuu Lounge

Passengers can pick up books from the Book Swap point free of charge. At the same time, they can send off their own used books around the world with other passengers by bringing them to the Book Swap point.

The idea for the Book Swap idea was suggested by regular air travellers. Finavia and Finnair sent eight Quality Hunters travelling around the world with the mission of developing the airport experience, and together with their active network community the Quality Hunters came up with 260 product development proposals, and the Book Swap point was one of the most popular innovations.

Gate 31 (Show on the map)
Opening hours
Open 24h
Admir Halala • 2.7.2017
Took a book in 2013, forgot to register @bookcrossing.com. Have betterd my life, and registred this book three years later
Coen Nederpel • 20.12.2016
Love the idea. Had to spend 8 hours at the airport and found a good book to read :)
Natalia • 16.8.2016
Love this idea. And it's not a small room hidden upstairs anymore, but in the airy relaxed Kainuu lounge by gate 31 :)
Outi • 6.5.2016

Kiitos arvostelustasi!

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