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Photo Gallery: Flying Nature
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Located at Helsinki Airport, Photo Gallery presents aviation-inspired photo exhibitions with a new theme approximately every six months. Many aviation enthusiasts regularly visit the exhibition, which is updated twice a year.

The free-of-charge exhibition is located in an area to which all visitors to the airport have access.

Currently showing: The Flying Nature photography exhibition

Flying Nature presents the fascinating world of aviation from a surprising perspective. The exhibition pays homage to Finnish nature photography and to the centenary of Finland taking place this year.

The exhibition is made up of Finnish nature photographs in which nature’s own masters showcase their flying skills. In the spotlight are Finnish birds and animals—literally in flight.

The photographs in the exhibition have been selected through a competition open to the public. Works by eight Finnish nature photographers were selected. The exhibition includes photographs by amateurs as well as top names in Finnish nature photography.

The year 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of Finnish independence. Finavia is an official partner to the Finland 100 anniversary celebration. The Flying Nature exhibition will be on display at Helsinki Airport until the end of the milestone year.

The photo exhibition is part of Finavia’s ArtPort art concept, which offers places for passengers to stop and find time and space to relax in the hectic airport environment, while also giving artists an opportunity to have their work on display for a wider Finnish and international audience.

For Finavia, the ArtPort concept is also part of its corporate responsibility. Exhibitions and galleries give artists an opportunity to display their work and skills to both domestic and international audiences.

The exhibition was produced as a joint project of Finavia Corporation, Ilmailutoimittajat ry, Finnfoto, Kameralehti magazine, Epson, Color-Kolmio and Merja Ailama-Mäkitalo.


Terminal 2, arrival floor (Show on the map)
Opening hours
Open 24 h

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